Here are some things that our lovely Fabicorns have said about us.

Lorraine Frost


Founder & MD, Rosie & Dexter

"FAB Accelerator has helped me take my business  from an idea/concept/feeling to being up and running, all in a 12 week period.  The programme along with people's challenges and positive comments  have helped me thrash out exactly what the value proposition is.  I’ve gone from an idea that might have earnt me a bit of pin money to a proper business."

Joy Foster

Founder & MD, made with joy & techpixies 

The FAB accelerator gave my business partner and I a chance to dig deep and review every aspect of our business. We redefined our value proposition, tested out the ideas of two new products, set in place KPIs which help guide our business and got serious about analyzing the financials in order to make knowledgeable decisions about the direction of our business. We were challenged and encouraged by other business owners and well established business leaders who helped us raise our game to the next level. I would highly recommend the course as the connections alone are worth the investment but more importantly, you walk away with a bigger vision for what you could be than you ever though possible when you walked in

​Yannan li

Co-founder at MiSU Food Ltd.

“FAB has helped to reshape our startup in both strategic and practical ways. I am very grateful for the unforgettable experience and the valuable mentorship that we have received, and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to accelerate his/her business to the next level.”

Alexa littaye

founder at azure

The FABaccelerator helped me get from idea to business. I had been mulling over my 'business idea' for over 2 years and in less that 3 months, I had a plan, a product and a target consumer base! I cannot say how instrumental this was for me. Plus, I learned how to pitch and won 2 competitions since! And the mentors are wonderful, helpful and challenging. Best programme, EVER!

Tomas Pukalski

owner Framework Digital

Thank you for your time and support. You like it or not, you have shaped Framework already, even if it would not go High Street.

I have learned the lesson, more than one actually. 

Philippe Vancaloen

founder at wecoach

The fab program helped me to confront my ideas and assumptions.  Through different workshops and tools, I discovered various aspects of my idea (profitability, value proposition, competitive advantage,...) I wouldn’t have thought before.  You are constantly building new reflexions about your project and this is really important as you will never get things right the first time. 

Keith Place

founder at smooga

“I have fully enjoyed my time working with FAB Accelerator – both the mentors and my fellow entrepreneurs. It’s always good, not only to have an ‘outside’ view of the business, but also to be forced to find the time to focus on the fundamentals in your own business. I now have more clarity about what need to be done, when and how.  To receive feedback from a diverse group of individuals and businesses is  very powerful and has given me many ideas and helped me ditch many others.”   

Bryan Roberts

founder at kitradar

Like me, Fab accelerator attendees will go through a journey of discovery taking them to new dizzy heights of business that only experts can guide you through. Gary, Wendy and Ben will give you their heart and soul to make you and your business better, but it is up to you to take on the challenge and act on their great advice. The most insightful and passionate accelerator I have been on.



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